Feb 10 2017

Bali Trip 2017 3D2N

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As what we have always been doing to celebrate the efforts of our dedicated team every year, this time we took a 3 days - 2 nights outing in Bali. Not to say, this outing have succeed to tighten the bond between all of us!

Day 1

We start our vacation by taking an early flight. We have to arrived at the airport at 4 am! It means we have to woke up on at least 3 am. Nine of us of course didn’t have enough sleep.

But it turned out that lack of sleep didn’t prevent us to have fun. We departed happily, arrived safely, and we went straight to Talaga Waja by rented cars to enjoy rafting! Lack of sleep, no resting time, and rafting. Sounds tiring, huh? But we enjoyed it a lot and were very energetic, as if we have gained too much sleep.

We started our rafting journey at 12 p.m. and it ended at around 4 p.m. Not a short journey, huh? The rafting was fun. We’re divided into 3 teams & 3 people on each boat. We paddled, splashing water to each other, and of course, slipped a lot too.

We ended our time at Talaga Waja by enjoying the Indonesian buffet. Of course, we ate a lot to fill our roaring stomach after rafting.

After that, finally we went to our hotel, Bliss Surfer Hotel. It was located near many hotspots, and has a nice ambiance. We rested for a moment and clean ourselves before went to dinner.

We took dinner at Menega Cafe, Jimbaran, the outdoor restaurants on the beach, a famous destination in Bali. We enjoyed our foods and the sea, plus extra strong wind and little rain. Of course the wind and the rain didn’t stop us to enjoy our dinner, hehe.

Day 2

We started our second day by enjoying Sate Bawah Pohon as our breakfast, located very near our hotel. You can just walk less than 2 minutes to reach it! It was another famous culinary destination in Bali. As expected, the taste was really satisfying!

We rent some motorcycles to explore Bali on our second day. Out of our expectation, the weather was extremely hot! Before lunch, we visited Krisna first to buy some gifts.

We took our lunch at Nook, a cozy restaurant with rice field view. We ordered various foods and shared them to each other. Sharing is fun, isn’t it? Right after our lunch, we made a quick visit to Gusto Gelato for some dessert.

We continued our vacation to Double-Six beach. Well, actually, we arrived there too early. It was 2.30 pm and the sun is too high for us to play at the beach. Finally, we decided to rent 2 beach umbrellas with 4 chairs to take some rest and to protect our already-burnt-skins, LOL.

We started to get into the sea at around 4 p.m. and finished our beach time at 6 p.m.

We took our dinner at Eatwell, a porky restaurant and we ate a lot of pork! Of course, pork has never failed to satisfy our stomachs.

Day 3

We spent our last day to enjoy Nasi Pedas Bu Andhika using Uber car, and that’s our last destination to enjoy. After enjoying our lunch, we went straight to the airport. Time to back to routines, guys!

And that’s all about our outing in Bali. Thank you for reading!

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