NGC CMS August 2019 Updates
NGC CMS August 2019 Updates
09 Aug 2019

NGC CMS August 2019 Updates

August has arrived and we have some exciting updates for NGC CMS installed on your website.

Please do note that this updates only for our clients and partners that still has on going maintenance contract with us. The updates will be installed automatically on your website in few days, so in the mean time please wait for it.

Group Menu

We heard you. One of the most requested updates/changes were for the menu in the left side of the CMS. For you who have more complex website with many features and pages will also have many menus on the left side that you need to long scroll to navigate them. With this update, we have grouped some of the menu to reduce the scrolling length (or even no scrolling at all in some websites).

Duplicate Content

Want to create a new content but doesn't want to start writing / typing everything from zero? We got you covered. Now you can easily choose from your existing content to duplicate it into a new content and edit it as necessary. There are two ways to duplicate. If you only want to duplicate a single content, simply click "Duplicate" button on the right side of the post table. To duplicate multiple content at once, click checkbox on the left side content you want to duplicate, go to "Bulk Actions" dropdown and pick "Duplicate". Click "Apply" button next to it to start duplicating your multiple contents at once.

Who is Online

NGC CMS support multi user online simultaneously at the same time. But previously there is no way to tell which user online at the moment. You can only see other user if they are on the same page as you. With this update, there is a new section at the sidebar menu showcasing all the profile images of user online. And when you hover your mouse to their profile image, you can see which page they are currently at.

Enable Maintenance Mode Easily

If something happen and you need to fix your website, you have to enable the maintenance mode first. Previously, you need to dig web config page to see the option to enable maintenance mode. This update brings the option with a simple toggle button at the top of sidebar, along with notification and the newly updated activity log. You can easily click it to open new window and from there, simply enable or disable maintenance mode. You can also input your IP Address to be added to whitelist table so you can still access the website while in maintenance mode.

While in maintenance mode, there is alert bar across every pages to notify you the website is still in maintenance mode.

Latest Activity Logs

Activity logs is very useful to track down who/what is causing error to the website. This update also brings some latest activity logs to the notification area on top sidebar. Previously the bell icon only to show notification list, but now integrated with latest activity logs as well. This way, you can quickly find the culprit to blame for the error they made to your website.

New Web Config UI

And lastly, the update brings UI change to Web Config page. This is also one of the requested change from some of our clients and partners. Previously the page consist a single row table containing long and many columns causing a long horisontal scroll and hard to reach the edit button especially on mobile (we are sorry for the inconvenience). Now the new UI has 3 separate group, each with its own edit button. For the favicon and logo group, you can see immediately if you have uploaded / updated the correct image or not. While on social media group, the block will turned gray if you haven’t enter the necessary data for the said social media.

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Get to know your personal assistant in content management better! Here is an update that serves as a way for us to keep in touch with our valued clients and also lets you discover the usability and features of NGC-CMS. We hope that these updates that we've worked on so hard to implement could further assist you better than ever before.

14 Dec 2020

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27 Jan 2017

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